Bigg Boss Arav Marriage | Arav – Raahei Wedding | Arav Weds Raahei – 26-08-2020 Tamil Cinema News

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Bigg Boss Arav Marriage | Arav – Raahei Wedding – 26-08-2020 Tamil Cinema News
Bigg Boss winner Arav Wedding: Arav Nafeez to marry actress Raahei on 6th September 2020
Arav Weds Raahei

Bigg Boss Arav-க்கு நடிகையுடன் கல்யாணம், இவங்கதான் பொண்ணு | Gautham Menon, Joshua, Raahei
Bigg Boss Tamil season 1 was a huge hit thanks to the love affair of Aarav and Oviya. Infact Aarav went on to win Bigg Boss Title thanks to the vote from Oviya Army, he won it. Oviya, who had captivated the minds of all the youngsters with her behavior inside Bigg Boss house, declared her love for Arav. But Arav did not like it. Thus Oviya left the show midway and went on to support Arav who won the title.
Arav, who was involved in modeling, is now a hero in cinema. He has acted as a hero in ‘Rajabheema’ and ‘Market Raja MPBS’. While fans thought that Arav and Oviya had broken up with the Big Boss show, the two shared photos of the two spending time together in several places on their social media accounts. In addition, Oviya has also acted with enthusiasm in the film Rajabheema for a song.

Amid rumors that the two were living together, Oviya put an end to the controversy by openly responding that he was her friend and that she did not have much faith in marriage. In this situation, it has been reported that Aarav and actress Raahei are getting married on September 6, 2020. The wedding is said to take place at a popular hotel in Chennai. Raahei is making her acting debut in Tamil movie Joshua Imai Pol Kaakha directed by Gautam Menon.

Although this information has not yet been officially released, it is unknown how the Oviya Army will take it. Gizmosheets wishes Arav-Raahei a happy married life.

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