Devathaiyai Kanden 11-09-2019 – Zee Tamil Serial

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Devathaiyai Kanden - Zee Tamil TV Serial

Devathayai Kanden 11-09-2019 Zee TV Devathaiyai Kanden 11.09.2019 Tamil Serial Online | Devathaiyai Kanten 11/09/2019 Zee Tamil TV Serial 11th September 2019
Watch Zee Tamil TV Devathayai Kanten 11.09.19 Serial Devathayai ganden 11/09/19 Latest Today Episode Online.
Devathayai Kanden 11-09-2019 – Zee Tamil Serial | Zee Tamil tv Devathaiyai Kanden 11-09-19 | Zee Tamil tv Serial 11th September 2019

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Zee Tamil Devathaiyai Kanten 11th September 2019 Episode Review/Discussion:

story : Story of boy who is brought up with extreme discipline by his ex-military grandfather. As years roll by, his grandfather finds him a match with whom he vehemently falls in love and later marries. Appalled by the punishments and strict lifestyle the grandfather imposes on her husband she yells at him. Distraught by this incident, the grandfather passes away. After the hero understands the power of the newly attained freedom, his attitude towards his wife changes. He is extremely possessive and she is under constant distress because of his attitude. On her birthday, she accidently falls into a river and dies. While the hero refuses to accept her death as a dead body is never recovered, a simultaneous story brews in the nearby metro. A well-educated interior designer who is the look alike of the dead heroine. She frequently has clashes with an inspector to be and they end up falling in love with each other. The hero who hasn’t given up search for his dead wife spots her and tries to intervene in the relationship between the interior designer and her fiancé.
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Category: Devathaiyai Kanden, Tamil TV Serials, Zee Tamil TV Serials,

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