Indira 28-09-2018 Raj TV Serial

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Indira 28-09-2018 Raj TV Indira 28.09.2018 Tamil Serial Online | Indira 28/09/2018 Raj TV Serial 28th September 2018
Watch Raj TV Indhira 28.09.18 Serial Indhiraa 28/09/18 Latest Today Episode Online. Indiraa 28-09-2018 – Raj tv Serial
Synopsis: Indira is the story of a girl name, who is beautiful, bright and intelligent. But she has a flaw too, she stammers while speaking. A nudging pat on the back has become her name and a part of her identity. She is a normal cheerful girl whose smile can turn night into day.
Indira who was in love with Dhruv was cheated into getting married to Dhruv’s brother Bihaan. Inspite of all odds, Indira stayed true to herself and continued to be a dutiful bahu. Indira is once again put in the spot when she is accused of stealing and is asked to leave the house by dadi. With all the drama going on Indira’s life and no support from any end, will Indira finally succumb to the pressure and leave the house? Or will someone come to her rescue?
Directed By :
Written By : Ved Raj Shrivastava, Dheeraj Sarna
Story By : Ved Raj Shrivastava
Produced By : Shoonya Square
Cast : Jigyasa Singh, Ankit Bhatla, Jaya Bhattacharya

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Raj TV Indra 28th September 2018 Episode Review/Discussion:

The story revolves around a girl named Indira (Jigyasa Singh), who stammers. However, she doesn’t let her incapability destroy her cheerful and obedient character. Indira’s parents were keen on getting her marriage done. But owing to her speech impediment, no one was willing to marry her. Her parents managed to get her alliance fixed with “Diwakar” who is shorter than Indira. Initially, Diwakar did not know about Indira’s stuttering. When he came to know about it, he got upset and demanded dowry. Diwakar eventually gets annoyed by her stammering problem and good behaviour, as he feels that she is making fun of him for being short, refusing to marry her. After being rejected for the marriage, Indira accepts a job in news channel owned by Dhruv Pandey and moved to Noida with her mother. Her father and two siblings join them later. Both Indira and Dhruv soon fall in love with each other. Dhruv’s mother, who doesn’t like stammering or anything that doesn’t work or run properly, fixes Dhruv’s alliance with Indira without knowing about her stammering problem.Finally Vasundra comes to know aboout Indira’s stammering and tries to separate Dhruv and Indira. Vasundra emotionally blackmails Bihaan who is her adopted son and forces him to marry Indira after drugging Dhruv on the day of their marriage. Dhruv and Indira are separated. Indira is shocked on seeing Bihaan as her husband. Indira then starts despising Bihaan for separating her from her love and spoiling her life.Indira and Bihaan are forced to live together until they get divorce. Now Vasundara plans to make Dhruv marry Shraddha, a girl of her choice, and convinces Indira to make Dhruv believe that she loves Bihaan and encourage him to move on with Shraddha. Meanwhile, Bihaan unknowingly starts to fall for Indira ,cares for her , saves her life and always tries to help and motivate her when she loses hope. Later, Bihaan and Indira find out that Shraddha isn’t as sweet and good as she pretends to be. She actually has wrong intentions. While they team up to expose Shraddha, she still gets married to Dhruv. However, Dhruv still has feelings for Indira, which upsets Shraddha. Vasundra and Shraddha, who both hate Indira, work together to besmirch Indira’s reputation, and turn the family against her. However, Bihaan still supports Indira, and act like a supporting pillar in Indira’s life.

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