Ninaika Therintha Maname-Vijay tv Serial-Episode 28

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Ninaika Therintha Maname Episode 28 – Vijay tv Serial | Ninaika Therintha Maname Episode 28-Vijay tv Serial Online

Vijay tv Serial Ninaika Therintha Maname 16th June 2021

Ninaika Therintha Maname Episode 23 Vijay Tv Serial Rerun
The story follows Deepa, a woman who loses her memory in an accident. Deepa also loses her unborn child in the accident but does not realize it. She wakes up alongside Aravind, who lives in the same building as she.

After the accident, Aravind is reunited with his family, who assume that Deepa is his significant other. Aravind does not correct his family and they accept Deepa and bring her into their family. Aravind’s family treats her well and they soon arrange a wedding for Deepa and Aravind.

After the wedding, Deepa’s past is revealed to the rest of the family. They find out that Deepa’s real name is Karthika, and that she had a husband named Gautham. Gautham’s family finds Karthika (now Deepa) and they decide to bring her back. After learning of this, a shocked Karthika decides to leave Aravind’s house.

However, Karthika forgets that Gautham treated her poorly, which was what prompted her to leave. Gautham wants her property, which he will get once her grandfather passes away.

Gautham is a drunk who used to quarrel frequently with Karthika. During one of Gautham’s drunken binges, she convinced him to sign divorce papers. After the divorce, Karthika started a new life in which she met Aravind.

In the climax of the show, it is found that Karthika is pregnant with Aravind’s baby and the show ends with Karthika and Aravind being happy.

Category: Ninaika Therintha Maname, Tamil TV Serials, Vijay Tv Serials,

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