Paavam Ganeshan 01-06-2021 Vijay Tv Serial

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01-06-2021 Pavam Ganesan Vijay TV Pavam Ganesan 01.06.2021 Tamil Serial Online | Pavam Ganesan 01/06/2021 Vijay TV Serial 01st June 2021
Watch Paavam Ganesan Vijay tv serials 01.06.21 | Vijay tv serial Paavam Ganesan 01/06/21 Latest Today Episode Online
Paavam Ganesan 01-06-2021 Vijay tv Serial | Star Vijay Tv Paavam Ganesan 01st June 2021
Directed By :
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Written By :
Cast : R.K.Vilasini, Shimona Maria James, Naveen Muralidhar, Neha Gowda, Shayema Reyaldeen, Yuvanraj Nethrun, Anand Pandi

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Vijay tv Serials, Paavam Ganesan
Vijay tv Serial Paavam Ganesan 01st June 2021

Ganesh who is the hero of the story, no jobless, not well-educated, who used to do day to day household works. In regional slang he is used to calling as Ganesan, a very innocent man who can be fooled easily. Day goes but nothing special happens in his life, one day the Mets a girl, believes that she will be the one who can bring miracle in his life. But not confident to open up his love with her. Remaining story based out how he breaks out his foolishness and look after his survival in a brave way.

Category: Paavam Ganeshan, Tamil TV Serials, Vijay Tv Serials,

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